Aiming to Rhyme Words and Make Money since 2016

The Crew

King Rolla

Genious, Trend-setter, Visionary.... These are all words used to describe King Rolla, these are all words written by King Rolla. The shade-thrower extrodinaire, it is his life’s mission is to be the greatest mediocre rapper alive, and he will stop whenever possible (for a nap) on the way to achieving that goal. @itsKingRolla

DJ Type OH

DJ Type Oh
Don’t let his over-hyped beef fool you, it’s only slightly less than average. Great ambition meets a drastic disorderly deficit of attention. He’s as hyperactive as a Jack Russel and twice as horny. DJ Type OH makes the beats and beats his meat. His objective is to perfect the former and have someone else do the latter. But be warned, his beats are as hot as a one night stand and will leave you just as itchy.@DJTypeOH

Lo Glass Logic

Lo Glass Logic
From the undeground to the suburbs, he is Lo Glass Logic: The Uncle Phil of hip hop. His flow is as smooth as the highest quality mid shelf-whiskey. He has the heart of a poet and the ambition of a corporate sellout. Keeping his glass 1 third full and his bank account empty, he sure needs to fill up both quickly. Buy the merch.@LoGlassLogic


The mysterious 4th member of KROHLO. Little is known about Kevin, except he is the DJ and he doesn't talk. Oh and don't feed him after midnight.
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How To Sell Out, The EP


The Long Awaited Debut EP of KROHLO. How To Sell out, The EP takes listeners on a sonic journey. Starting with The quest to Sell out ASAP in the title track "How to Sell Out (Rhyme Words, Make Money)" Followed by a Nostalgic trip back to the 90's with "Summer Thuggin (Feat Madd Hu$$le)" Cutting back to reality where the crew have some (possibly unfounded) complaints about their significant others in "Bad Bitches (feat. Lady Poppinz + MC Sweaty Brix)". Finishing up with the apology for said complaints and not so subtle misogyny in the rest of the EP in the gangs own special way, with "Respect You(and Sh*t)" Available on all major streaming platforms and for purchase on iTunes and Google Music



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